Disposable Inhalable Sampler

Introducing the latest advancement in Inhalable Sampling

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The Zefon Disposable Inhalable Sampler (DIS) is a unique inhalable sampler with a physical design to replicate the collection of the original inhalable sampler (designed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) in Scotland) at a flow rate of 2 LPM. This sampler uses a lightweight, one-time filter capsule and sampling head. This saves time and money by eliminating user assembly, sampler cleaning, and the possibility of cross-contamination. The DIS is available with several different types of filter capsules, including ones suitable for gravimetric analysis or completely digestible capsules for metals analysis.

Applications of Our DIS Include:

  • ACGIH definition of inhalable particulate matter
  • NIOSH Method 5700 for particulate formaldehyde
  • British Method MDHS 14/3 for inhalable dust in air
  • British Method MDHS 14/4 for sampling and gravimetric analysis of respirable, thoracic and inhalable aerosols
  • British Method MDHS 25/3 for organic isocyanates in air
  • British Method MDHS 6/3 for lead in air
  • Australian standard for inhalable particulate
  • ISO/CEN for bioaerosols (health-related fractions)

DIS Features:

  • Preloaded, ready to use
  • No more assembly errors from mismatched parts from different brands or versions of samplers
  • No more cleaning samplers or cross contamination
  • No more transport clips to worry about
  • No more expenses from sampling heads getting lost or misplaced
  • Lower tare weight provides better sensitivity
  • Accounts for wall deposits as recommended by NIOSH
  • Collection and performance matches that of the original inhalable sampler designed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) in Scotland.
  • Leak-free design


Parts of the Zefon DIS Disposable Inhalable Sampler

Zefon DIS Disposable Inhalable Sampler Assembly

Additional Information Available

Instructions for Use of assembled Zefon Disposable Inhalable Sampler (DIS)